The Best Public Schools in the U.S.

Explore the list below of the best public schools in the USA.

Public schools in the country are generally administered by state governments and funded partly from state subsidies. These institutions offer free tuition for children whose families are living in the particular state. There are various rankings given to the best public schools located across the country.

Top 3 Public Schools

Various websites have mentioned the three public schools enumerated below as the best in the United States:

  1. Raleigh in North Carolina was given an education quality score of 65.88. The public school system in Raleigh offers families a strong magnet program, numerous charter schools and conventional approaches in 99 elementary schools, 30 middle schools and 23 high schools.
  2. Colorado Springs in Colorado has a rating of 63.94. It has several school districts with District 11 as the biggest. This is made up of 65 public schools providing exceptional programs such as CORE Knowledge curriculum which concentrates on academics and broad base of language arts, mathematics, computer skills, science, literature, history, and geography. The district also boasts of advanced placement and a comprehensive career pattern for students.
  3. Mesa in Arizona garnered a score of 63.92. All of its high schools were given accolades during the 2009 Best High Schools survey by the S. News and World Report. The district and individual public schools were also given recognition by Standard and Poor’s; National Blue Ribbon Schools; and, America’s Promise Alliance for excellence in academics, sports, creative and performing arts, career, as well as, technical courses. Mesa has 87 schools with pre-school programs, advanced placement classes, bio-technology and advances studies academies, and international baccalaureate programs.

Business Insider Rankings

Meanwhile, Business has come up with its own list of top 10 high schools in the United States.

  • School of Science and Engineering Magnet (Dallas, Texas) – This public school has an average Scholastic Assessment Test rating of 1786 and a teacher-student ratio of 21. The school was visited by former U.S. President George Bush for excellence in education specializing in mathematics and science.
  • School for the Talented and Gifted Magnet (Dallas, Texas) – The second-best school garnered a SAT rating of 1885 and a teacher-student ratio of 15. This institution was established in 1995 and took 20 years of planning with a total cost of almost $40 million.
  • Basis Tucson (Tucson, Arizona) – The public school maintains a teacher-student ratio of 12 with a SAT average of 1854.
  • Stanton College Preparatory (Jacksonville, Florida) – Stanton’s student publication has been included as a top newspaper in national and state rankings for a number of times. It has a teacher-student ratio of 22 and Scholastic Assessment Test rating of 1854.
  • Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science (Bowling Green, Kentucky) – It is one of the newest in the public school system to rank in the top 10 with a SAT of 2053 and teacher-student proportion of 19.
  • Jefferson County IB School (Birmingham, Alabama) – It was opened in 1995 and acknowledged as number one school in the U.S. in 2005 by Newsweek. The school has a teacher-student percentage of 18 with a SAT average of 1860.
  • Signature School (Evansville, Indiana) – It is the first charter public high school in the state of Indiana. The ratio of teacher to students is 20 and SAT score of 1766.
  • University (Irvine, California) – The SAT average of this school is 1920 with a teacher-student ratio of 34.5.
  • Sun Coast Community (Riviera Beach, Florida) – The school won the Magnet School of Excellence award in 2010. Its average SAT rating is 1737 and a teacher-student ratio of 25.

North Hills Preparatory (Irving, Texas) – Average SAT score is 1716 and ratio of teacher to students is 11.3.