Public School vs. Homeschool

Parents should carefully consider various factors before deciding whether it is best to homeschool their child or send him or her to public school.

The question of whether to send your child to a public school or to homeschool should not be taken lightly which is why it would probably be best to research the benefits of each option before making your choice. Remember that the choice that you will make in the end must be based on what is best for your child, and also for you. Each child possesses different personalities, so what would work for one child may not work for the other.

To shed some light, we will discuss the pros and cons of sending your child to either one of the options. We will make several comparisons that could hopefully help you make the best decision for your child.

Comparing Homeschooling and Public Schooling in America

The first comparison will be the learning environment for both public school and homeschool. With homeschool, you are assured that your child is in a calm and safe environment every day. Supporters of homeschooling believe that children succeed better in a safe, comfortable environment that they are familiar with. It is believed by the homeschooling supporters that the home is the safest, most secure environment where a child could learn well. When a child is home, he or she does not have to deal with peer pressure.  This gives the child a chance to focus more on studying. They do not have to worry about what to wear to school the next day; they are protected from having to fit in with the popular crowd who gives much attention to less important things such as buying the right clothes at the right store, wearing the right shoes or playing the right video game. With homeschool, children can enjoy a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Not only that, they also get to work at their own pace and in their own style.

However, supporters of public schools are also certain that the same thing proves to be true with students who go to public schools. Even though public school classrooms do not have the same calm and peaceful atmosphere that a homeschool has, supporters of public schools believe that the disarray of the classrooms is actually helpful to children in succeeding in the future. Because reality is, the real world is not as calm and peaceful as we would like it to be. They believe that children who are living a very sheltered and protected life are likely the ones who will have difficulty adjusting to the real world after school. It is also believed that it is essential that children learn how to interact and to work with one another for them to be able to build real, dynamic skills that are necessary in the real world. Public school supporters strongly believe that the goal of a public education is not just about furthering one’s academics. They say the mission of a public school is to teach children the skills and that they will learn how to use and apply them through meaningful, needed interactions with their peers and also their teachers.

Each environment holds specific and helpful opportunities for children to learn. But as a parent, only you can determine which environment is helpful and suitable for your child.