What is a Magnet School?

Learn about magnet schools to determine if they are the right choice for you and your child. The concept of a magnet school is to segregate students according to zones based on their locations. This means that pupils attend the school which is nearest to their residences. With this approach, schools are established outside of […]

What is a Charter School?

Learn about charter schools and their difference from public schools to find out if they the right fit for your family. Charter schools are defined as independent public schools which implement more improvements in their curriculum and considered liable for the success of students. This type of school established an atmosphere where there is more […]

Should You Send Your Child to Public School?

Weigh the pros and cons of sending your child to public or private school. Records from the United States Bureau of Census show that more students are going to public schools instead of private academies. In 2005, more than 4.8 million students went to private schools. This went down to only 4.1 million last year […]

The Best Public Schools in the U.S.

Explore the list below of the best public schools in the USA. Public schools in the country are generally administered by state governments and funded partly from state subsidies. These institutions offer free tuition for children whose families are living in the particular state. There are various rankings given to the best public schools located […]

Public School Education in the United States

Millions of children are enrolled in public schools in the U.S., spread out over primary, middle and high school. The education system in the United States is fairly massive, distinct and complicated. It mirrors the history, civilization and ideals of the great American nation. In fact, the country’s educational structure can be distinguished by the […]

Online Public Schools

Parents of school-age children should explore all educational options available to them in order to determine which one will best suit their needs. Online public schools are growing in popularity. Find out if online schooling will work for you and your child. Online schooling is becoming more and more popular these days especially because we […]

Choosing a Public School

There may be several public schools within your district; in this case, you have a choice to make as to which one is best for your child. A child’s education is considered as one of the most important things that any parent can give, which is why most parents do take their time in choosing […]

Public School vs. Homeschool

Parents should carefully consider various factors before deciding whether it is best to homeschool their child or send him or her to public school. The question of whether to send your child to a public school or to homeschool should not be taken lightly which is why it would probably be best to research the […]

Private vs. Public High Schools

Parents can choose to send their children to a private or public school. There are various factors to consider when weighing each option, and parents must take the time to carefully study which one benefits their child the most. Every parent wants what’s best for their children, especially when it comes to their education, since […]

Pros and Cons of Public School Attendance

Do you have a child who’s nearing school-age? Deciding where to send your child to school is highly important, and one that you should not take lightly. Consider the drawbacks and benefits of public school education to help your decision-making process. Given the unstable state of the economy almost worldwide, an increasing number of people […]