Online Public Schools

Parents of school-age children should explore all educational options available to them in order to determine which one will best suit their needs. Online public schools are growing in popularity. Find out if online schooling will work for you and your child.

Online schooling is becoming more and more popular these days especially because we already have very advanced technology which allows us to stay connected to people who are thousands of miles away from us. In most states, kindergarteners through 12th graders are already enrolled in online public schools that partner with the K12. The number of students enrolled each year is even fast increasing.

Traditional parents, however, might feel differently with online schooling. So just to give an overview of how it differs from a traditional school and how it works, below you will find some information that could help you understand what homeschooling is all about.

Understanding How K-12 Education Online Works

Online public school differs from traditional schools in that classes do not take place in a classroom set-up but rather at home, or anywhere you can think of, as long as there is a reliable internet connection that can be used. The teachers support their students with their online courses through phone, online web meetings and in some occasions face-to-face sessions. Your role as a parent is to keep your child on track with the lesson plans provided by the teacher.

These online high school classes offer advanced instructional tools, plenty of hands-on learning opportunities and curriculum that is based on trusted print and online resources. Often, teachers work hand in hand with parents to design learning plans that would meet each student’s unique needs. They come up with a flexible structure of education which comes with a variety of learning options so it will encourage every kind of student, no matter what their personality may be.

Students who are enrolled in online public high schools are being prepared for the next step of education which is college because the classes are designed that way. Not only will the students get course materials structured around college prep, but they can also take advantage of specific SAT preparation courses, college-credit classes and even NCAA-approved courses. Students who prefer to be up on their toes when it comes to education can also avail of Advanced Placement and Honors Classes.

Of course, other interests of students are also taken into consideration which is why there are also lots of elective classes they can choose from. Online public schools believe that these are essential tools in keeping students eager to learn and will keep them excited to learn more. In some online schools the elective classes they offer are journalism, digital photography, foreign languages, web design, programming, computer technology, game design and driver’s education just to name a few.

Also, since kids nowadays enjoy spending time with their peers, online schooling can help support this kind of interest of students. Students get to keep in touch the same way their teachers give them support which is through email, telephone conversations and other various online venues that they could use. They are still able to develop their own circle of friends and they still even get to join clubs and activities. There are some that also hold fieldtrips and school parties.