Homeschooling Requirements

Homeschooling has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is important for parents who are considering this type of education to research on the homeschooling requirements set by the state where they live.

The laws governing homeschooling vary state by state. There are a few states that don’t require notification of intent to homeschool, while others require parents to file a notice that contains specific information with local school officials. While homeschooling laws are generally relaxed, some states require parents to obtain approval before they can start homeschooling their children.

Seek Information on Homeschooling

The first thing that parents must do as soon as they start considering homeschooling their kids is to research on the state laws with regards to public school attendance and the possibilities of legally homeschooling them, as well as the requirements for doing so.

Information for this is readily available and it is easy and advisable to conduct the research yourself. You can try checking your local library or you can approach a lawyer to ask them for a set of all the laws concerning education in your state of residence. Make sure to carefully read all the information and don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions that you need to clear up. You should also copy all the relevant homeschooling information that you find, as well as anything that pertains to your rights as a parent concerning your child’s education.

Researching the homeschooling laws in your state will enable you to speak to school officials with confidence since you will be armed with information. In most cases, parents who have done an in-depth study of the law and their parental rights are also able to correct the inaccurate and incomplete version of the law that school officials know concerning how children can be educated, as well as your rights to teach your own children.

Basic Requirements

This list below is not exhaustive, and as mentioned above, each state has its own rules for homeschooling. Generally, most states have similar basic requirements to regulate home schools and ensure that all students in the state are getting the best possible education.

  • The home school must be registered with local school officials.
  • Children who are of compulsory school age must attend the home school.
  • A minimum level of education is required for parents or tutors to teach homeschooled kids.
  • A regular schedule running at least 9 months in a year must be established and maintained by the teacher.
  • Students are required to take nationally recognized standardized tests and evaluations each year and the results provided to local school officials.

Since the popularity of homeschooling is continuing to rise, each state may revise or add to their laws and requirements so you need to make sure that you are accessing the most up-to-date information. A quick Google search of homeschooling in your area can pull up results that show other homeschoolers in your area of residence. You can get in touch with other like-minded individuals who have years of homeschooling experience who can also help you get started.