Apps for Homeschooling Organization and Productivity

If you’re looking for ways to improve your organization and productivity as a homeschooling parent, there are mobile apps that can help you.

Homeschooling parents all strive to be organized and productive to make their daily routines run smoothly. And let’s face it; the pressure is on since we want to do our best to help our kids succeed. However, no matter how much we plan and prepare, things are bound to happen that will derail even the best laid plans. If you’re juggling multiple responsibilities at home and work, or homeschooling more than one child, you will need all the help you can get to stay organized.

Thankfully, one of the things that homeschooling parents have in their arsenal these days is technology. It has revolutionized how we live our daily lives, and since we all have access to gadgets – mobile phones, tablets and laptops – we can make use of these resources to increase our family’s homeschool organization and productivity.

There are numerous apps available today to help us do just that. Here, we have listed some of the best homeschooling apps to help parents manage their busy schedules.

Homeschool Helper

The Homeschool Helper app was designed with homeschooling specifically in mind and includes features to assist parents with the various aspects of homeschooling, which allows you to spend more time teaching and less time managing. Its features include, but are not limited to:

  • Track unlimited number of students
  • Manage students over multiple school years
  • Record grades and track lessons for up to 14 subjects per student
  • Create lessons for any subject
  • Manage book lists, field trips, family field trips and task lists
  • Track daily attendance
  • Includes reports such as report cards, attendance, summary and more

Homeschool Helper is compatible with the iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook and Android tablets.


Evernote is a digital notepad that makes it easy to record, save and store files (whether it’s text, images or documents) to help you stay organized. Once you capture a note, it’s instantly available on all your devices, so it’s not a problem even if you’re outside your home classroom. You can also instantly share notes between users, making it simple and easy to organize group projects and share research materials. Evernote is free for Android and iOS users. Web-based and desktop versions are also available.

Apps for Homeschooling Organization and Productivity


If you hate the idea of having a separate app for homeschooling, and another app for personal organization or business, then LifeTopix is the solution for you. It is an all-in-one life organizer and productivity app which means you can manage all aspects of your life in one place, whether it’s to do with homeschooling, your small business, finances, and even grocery shopping. What’s best is that LifeTopix works with Evernote, Toodledo, Dropbox, OneDrive, Asana, Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

E-Reader Apps

Your homeschooler will definitely be reading a lot of materials during the course of the school year so it makes sense to invest in an e-reader app. You can purchase an e-reading device, such as Kindle or Nook. However, there are plenty of e-reader apps available for iOS and Android devices as well, many of them free:

And, of course, there are the bookstores including Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Scribd.


Available on all platforms, MyStudyLife supports week and day rotation timetables as well as traditional weekly schedules to help students plan their days. The app sends notifications for incomplete tasks, upcoming classes and exams, and organizes and keeps track of assignments. The app syncs data seamlessly across all the student’s devices and is accessible even if you’re offline.

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